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Dolphins have ‘a lot of trust’ in WR Kenny Stills

Kenny Stills, Dolphins

When Jarvis Landry left the Miami Dolphins this offseason to join the Cleveland Browns, there were some questions about the team’s wide receivers, but the team has put their trust in Kenny Stills, and in the first game he looked like a number one receiver.

“He knows exactly what to do. He helps get the other guys lined up. He’s able to kind of lead that room,” Tannehill said via ESPN.com. “There’s the intangible part of it, and then also physically he’s very talented, fast, smooth, good hands, able to get downfield.”

Stills had a significant impact on the game against the Tennessee Titans finishing with four receptions for 106 yards and two touchdowns. Stills is a deep threat option, and he showed that in the first game but coach Adam Gase has faith that he is going to turn into a true number one complete receiver.

“We know he’s a vertical threat. He showed that again, that he’s still able to do that,” coach Adam Gase said. “There’s [going to be] more underneath and there’s [going to be] more as far as receptions per game go, to where maybe instead of four catches for 100 yards, it might end up being like seven or eight catches, where there might be a couple of shorter throws in there.”

If Stills can start to make some of the short catches that should open up the field even more for the long bombs that are thrown his way. It’s clear it’s going to be a focus of the Dolphins this season, so it’s something to keep an eye on.