Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill is currently embroiled in an assault case that is now officially being considered by prosecutors.  It comes eight days after Hill allegedly hit a 57-year-old man in the head at a South Florida marina, reports NBC Sports' Mike Florio. The state attorney office's Ed Griffith had the following to say on the case.

“After all of the evidence has been received and all witnesses have been interviewed and their sworn statement taken, then the evaluation of all the evidence can be undertaken in light of the requirements of Florida’s criminal statutes.”

Within the evidence is surveillance footage which will ultimately dictate the case. Any witness statements will easily be overridden by the contents of the footage.

Regardless of what happens with the case, Tyreek Hill is set to face a further issue with the NFL. Whether that leads to a fine or a suspension remains to be seen, but expect some form of punishment handed down from the NFL.

The assault is not the best news for Tyreek Hill and Dolphins fans. Miami is preparing for an exciting season ahead and doesn't want their star wide receiver to be sidelined for any games. Still, the legal matter will take precedent and Hill will have to answer for any wrongdoings he might have taken part in.

Stay tuned for any more updates on Tyreek Hill and the situation with his assault charge. Dolphins fans and fans of the NFL will certainly be paying attention to the status of the wide receiver.