Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill endorsed and made a bold claim about receiver Jaylen Waddle.

“Man to me, Jaylen is an All-Pro, Pro Bowler, but I feel he doesn't get the validation that he needs,” Hill said, via Click2Houston. “Obviously because you can't have two fast guys on a team doing the same thing. Jaylen is a dope player. He's an even doper person.

“The way I connect with Jaylen is off the field. I look at him like a younger brother ‚a guy who obviously wants to compete every day. He reminds me of myself. He's very competitive. He's very feisty. He doesn't back down from no challenges.”

Jaylen Waddle, a former standout for Alabama, has played and started in 33 games since the Dolphins selected him with the No. 6-overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. He racked up 1,356 receiving yards and eight receiving touchdowns last season. His 2022 campaign was highlighted by a 171-yard and two-touchdown performance during a 42-38 win over the Baltimore Ravens in Week 2, a game that saw Tyreek Hill add 190 yards and two touchdowns of his own as he hauled in 11 of his 13 targets.

Jaylen Waddle showed signs of growth between his first and second seasons. He has the potential for even more if he can continue to improve his role in the Dolphins' offense.

“I feel like just knowledge,” Waddle said when asked how he grew as a player from the previous season last Wednesday, via writer Carter Owen. “Another year under my belt. I get to see how the league works even more. I think preparation, seeing defenses and knowing what a defense is going to do, how they plan on playing us and adjusting the game.

“I feel like it's a lot I can grow from in the first two seasons. Still growing, just trying to stack days together.”