In true Dr Disrespect fashion, gamers from other platforms were slighted once again by the provocative streamer.

Mobile gaming is a serious thing?

The issue starts off with a tweet by Dr Disrespect, where he flexed his PC gaming set-up, followed by a comment questioning the seriousness of mobile gaming.

This ruffled many feathers. This is already par for the course for Dr Disrespect, of course. This isn’t the first time he’s butted heads with mobile gamers. More than a year ago, The Doctor came under fire when he said mobile gamers aren’t real gamers.

Aside from disparaging mobile gamers, he has also slighted other streamers before. He made fun of Ninja and Shroud when they joined Mixer in 2019, making it clear that he thinks he’s the best among the three.

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CODM Pros respond

Mobile gamers in general didn’t like what Dr Disrespect said. Meanwhile, Call of Duty: Mobile (CODM) pro players went out a step further and challenged Dr Disrespect’s claims. From his tweet, The Doctor insinuated that his PC Gaming Rig is superior to mobile devices, and thus mobile gaming shouldn’t be taken seriously. This led to CODM players calling him out, challenging him on a 1v1 duel, with some cash on the line.

The backlash is not surprising. Dr Disrespect’s hot takes are magnets of controversy, whenever he makes the comment or whatever the topic is.

Whether or not the man behind the Dr Disrespect persona, Herschel “Guy” Beahm, holds the same opinion as his character is not known. However, Beam has used his Dr Disrespect Twitter account to make out of character tweets before. This further blurs the line between The Doctor character and Beahm as a person.