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Video: Draymond Green calls Cleveland fans ‘rude’ after his mom gets in shouting match at arena

Mary Babers-Green, DrayMom

Draymond Green offered a simple answer when he was asked about the shouting match that his mother, Mary Babers-Green, was involved in during Game 3 of the Finals at Quicken Loans Arena on Wednesday night.

“It happens every year. Fans here are just rude,” Green told reporters. “My mom can hold her own though, she’s good.”

Babers-Green was seen arguing with a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, before the two were separated by security.

While it was unclear what the conversation was between the two, things got pretty heated as a nearby Golden State Warriors fan jumped in the action, consequently being restrained by the guards in the arena.

In a tweet response, Babers-Green said she had made peace with the Cavs fan.

“Everyone apologized so it’s all good,” she tweeted.

“If they would watch the game and enjoy it instead of worshiping it. They would be fine!”