The Golden State Warriors cruised in Games 1 and 2 of the NBA Finals, but the tables turned in Game 3 when the Cleveland Cavaliers blew out the defending champs by 30 points. As one might imagine, Warriors players aren't too happy with their performance in that game.

Before practice on Thursday, Draymond Green spoke to reporters about Golden State's struggles in Game 3:

“I think we were extremely soft. We got bullied, punked, any other word that you can find for it. That’s pretty much what it was. And that’s why the game went the way it went. And everybody in that locker room knew we got punked. Ain’t too much to say.”

Although Green was far from the only Golden State player who struggled in Game 3 – Steve Kerr already addressed MVP Steph Curry‘s struggles – his six points on only two made field goals looks startling next to the 28 points he put up in Game 2.

Despite the lopsided score in the game, Green doesn't seem phased moving forward in the series:

“It's a loss. Whether you lose by 30 or 1 in the playoffs, you've got a game in the loss column. When we lost to OKC, we lost two games by 30; we won the series. It don't matter… Nobody's like, oh, man, we lost by 30. What do we do next? We play Game 4 next.”

Game 4 stays in Cleveland with a 9 p.m. tipoff on Friday.

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