Justin Gaethje made a surprising claim that Dustin Poirier would retire if he became UFC lightweight champion at UFC 269. He believes the lightweight would rather retire than face him again.

Dustin Poirier appeared on The MMA Hour and responded to the comments. He believes former UFC interim champion Justin Gaethje's memory was foggy from that night.

“It’s enticing, it makes people interested, it’s a hook, he’s hoping I bite onto it and beat [Charles] Oliveira and, ‘Ah, Gaethje, I’ve got to give it to him now because he’s the one running his mouth,’” Poirier said Monday on The MMA Hour. “That’s the way this game is. People talk and try to set things up. Play the hands that they have, and that’s what he’s doing.

“Good on him. I’m a fan of him. I have nothing bad to say about the guy, but I beat him that night in his hometown. What else can I say?”

UFC lightweight title challenger Dustin Poirier isn't ready to walk away yet. There's still plenty of asses that need kicking.

“Nah, man – I’m a fighter,” he said. “I’m fortune enough now, with this year that I’ve had, I could walk away. It’s a great position to be in, but these guys need ass-whoopings, and I’m the guy to give it to them. And we can’t walk away like that.”

Justin Gaethje felt Dustin Poirier had negative memories from that night. The Louisiana native doesn't quite remember things going that way though. He was drinking beers and enjoying the win.

“I was back at the big Airbnb, we did like a house party, I’m drinking Modelos and I was fine,” he said. “[Gaethje] doesn’t have any memories of going back and looking at the fight, because I knocked him out…probably kind of cloudy. I remember the night – it was a great night.”

The first UFC fight between the two was very exciting. It could be set for a second contest if Poirier wins the title at UFC 269.