Former NBA superstar center Dwight Howard is reportedly eyeing Australasia's NBL (National Basketball League) as a potential stepping stone for a return to the NBA. Howard has been playing overseas for a year now, but it appears that the big man views the NBL as an opportunity to help generate some momentum for his career in its later stages.

Recently, NBL CEO David Stevenson confirmed that Howard was in talks with the league regarding potentially joining them.

“We’ve been having lots of conversations with Dwight over an extended period of time,” said Stevenson, per Dominic Criniti of SEN.  “He’s seen value in the strength of the league and he still has aspirations to get back into the NBA, he’s playing overseas at the moment. It’s been surprising coming into this role, how many ex-NBA players are wanting to come and play in the NBL. At different stages of their career, some of them had a short time in the NBA, some of them had a relatively long period. I think it just authenticates our view that the NBL is (a) really strong league and a great pathway into the NBA.”

David Stevenson also spoke on the importance of having star players in general representing the NBL.

“The idea of seeing our stars, whether they be local stars, the next stars or those people who have had a long career in the NBA, we want to see as many as those stars on the court making spectacular plays,” said Stevenson.

Howard last appeared in the NBA for the Los Angeles Lakers.