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Could Dwyane Wade pull a DeAndre Jordan on Chicago?

Last year’s free agency had its fair share of headlines. One of the biggest and most bizarre was the DeAndre Jordan fakeout with the Dallas Mavericks.

Jordan had made a verbal agreement early in the free agency period to leave the Los Angeles Clippers to join the Mavericks. But on the eve of the moratorium ending and players finally becoming eligiable to sign their new contracts, the core of the Clippers franchise including Coach Doc Rivers, Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, all showed up at DeAndre’s house and encouraged him to go back on his agreement with Dallas and sign back with the Clippers.

The controversial move has been in the back of every GM’s mind this year, so much so that Mark Cuban tweeted a photo of Harrison Barnes handcuffed to Mavs GM Donnie Nelson during the contract signing.

Now there are worries of another player who might pull a DeAndre Jordan this free agency. Dwyane Wade is one of many NBA stars to leave their current team and accept larger offers elsewhere in the league. Wade chose to leave the Miami Heat and accept a two-year, $47 million contract from the Chicago Bulls. Only it’s now two days after the moratorium has ended and DWade has yet to sign his new contract.

There have been several reports that Wade and Heat president Pat Riley have been on bad terms for a while and was one of the deciding factors for Wade’s decision to depart from South Beach. Wade was also seeking a larger salary than what Miami offered him and Chicago was happy to give him. Chicago is also Dwyane Wade’s hometown and playing for the Bulls is something of a dream come true for the 12-time all-star.

It would be very surprising to see Dwyane Wade go back on his word and ditch the Bulls to resign with the Heat, but as DeAndre Jordan proved last year, nothing is permanent until there is a name on the dotted line.

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