Eagles news: Alshon Jeffery says he'd still play with torn rotator cuff last season if he had to do it over again
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Eagles WR Alshon Jeffery says he’d still play with torn rotator cuff last season if he had to do it over again

Alshon Jeffery, Eagles

In his first season with the Philadelphia Eagles, wide receiver Alshon Jeffery played a critical part in helping the franchise win their first Super Bowl.

Shortly after that, it was revealed over the offseason that he had been playing the entire year with a torn rotator cuff that required surgery. According to Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports Philadelphia, Jeffery voiced on Friday that he would have made the same choice all over again.

Although Jeffery had a notable drop in his overall production, he proved to be a huge factor in the playoffs recording 12 catches for 219 receiving yards with three touchdowns in three games played. His presence on the field alone makes a huge impact in opening up opportunities for his teammates while making the offense more formidable in the process. He was the clear-cut top receiving option that helped the Eagles experience much offensive success that fueled their run to win the Super Bowl.

His ability to play at a high level through the injury speaks to his mental fortitude and pain tolerance to deal with an injury that can often times prematurely end an entire season. This likely a large part of why Jeffery decided to grind out the rest of the year with his eyes on helping the Eagles push forward for a championship. His play was highly critical in helping push the franchise to heights it hadn’t been since entering the NFL.

This has come at a cost with him still working his way back from the injury, but he is expected to make his return to the field in the near future. The Eagles have voiced that he is a couple of weeks away from being cleared to play as he has continued to ramp up his workload in practice that has seen him catch balls.