Eagles news: Alshon Jeffery still in sling, eyeing return in preseason
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Eagles WR Alshon Jeffery still in sling, eyeing return in preseason

Alshon Jeffery, Eagles

In his first season with the Philadelphia Eagles, former Pro Bowl wide receiver Alshon Jeffery played a major part in helping the team earn their Super Bowl win in franchise history. However, it came at a bit of a price as he was playing with a torn right rotator cuff throughout the season that required surgery.

In the weeks following the operation that occurred shortly after the Super Bowl, Jeffery has been progressing in his recovery from the injury. According to Lee Bowen of the Philly News, the 28-year-old is still donning a sling while he is hoping to get back on the field by the preseason.

Jeffery won’t participate in this spring’s OTAs, which start April 16. He could be ready for the preseason, should he ready for the regular season, as the Eagles attempt to defend the first Super Bowl title in franchise history.

The typical recovery from this type injury typically ranges from four to six months. The latter part of that time frame may get into the preseason, which should allow him to get some game action before the start of the 2018 regular season. Although Jeffery is eyeing being back for the preseason, the team will likely not push him to get back on the field if he is not physically ready to do so.

He is a major piece of the offensive puzzle in the passing game as the top receiving target. Jeffery was a huge factor in the playoffs recording 12 catches for 219 receiving yards with three touchdowns in three games played. His presence on the field alone makes a huge impact in opening up opportunities for his teammates while making the offense more formidable in the process.

This is a situation that the Eagles likely continue to keep to a close eye on throughout the offseason and as the preseason draws closer. At that time, there should be a greater feeling for where he’s at in the rehab process and when he should be able to get back onto the field