Eagles news: Alshon Jeffrey guarantees Philly will win Super Bowl
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Eagles WR Alshon Jeffrey guarantees Philly will win Super Bowl

Alshon Jeffery, Eagles

Super Bowl LII is still a couple days away, but according to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery, it’s already a foregone conclusion. Jeffery basically guaranteed the Eagles’ Super Bowl victory over the New England Patriots, as Martin Frank of the Wilmington News Journal notes.

“Ain’t no ‘if,’ man,” Jeffery said. “When we win on Sunday, ain’t no telling what we’re going to do. But we’re probably going to celebrate, have some fun.”

Asked if he was convinced of that, he replied: “We’re bringing that trophy back to Philly.”

Jeffery and the Eagles will come into the game as underdogs against the Pats, who have won five Super Bowls and two of the last three. But the Eagles wideout doesn’t appear concerned about the Patriots’ past achievements and is instead focused on the here and now.

“Man, I don’t give a damn about all of that,” he said. “That’s in the past. We’re in the present. It’s 2018. It’s a new year. All that stuff in the past, that’s in the past. It’s a new year, man.

Of course, this isn’t the first time someone has guaranteed victory over the Patriots and in the Super Bowl this postseason. Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey made a similar proclamation after beating the Pittsburgh Steelers, only to fall short against New England.

Jeffery has been outstanding for the Eagles this postseason, catching nine of his 10 targets for 146 yards. He had 85 yards and two touchdowns in their NFC Championship Game win over the Minnesota Vikings.

It should be noted that Jeffery has already seen his other bold guarantee of playing in the Super Bowl come true. However, he’ll need to back up all his big talk with more great play for this most recent guarantee to become a reality as well.