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Eagles QB Carson Wentz reacts to loss to Cowboys

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was not very happy on Sunday night after the blowout loss to the Dallas Cowboys. When asked about the performance after the game his answer was pretty simple, they didn’t show up.

“We didn’t show up,” Wentz said via the Morning Call. “They beat the crap out of us.”

There was a lot of pressure put on Wentz after the Eagles fell behind early which is something he didn’t handle well. Wentz lost a couple of fumbles and threw an interception which resulted in it being one of the worst starts in his career.

The defense didn’t do the offense any favors, but going forward Wentz needs to forget about this game and play better quickly.

Eagles tight end Zach Ertz also wasn’t happy saying the feeling after the game was one that kills him.

“This feeling kills me, honestly,” tight end Zach Ertz told reporters after the game.

“One of the most embarrassing games I’ve ever been a part of here in Philly,” he added.

The big question is where does the team go from here? The Eagles currently sit with a 3-4 record which puts them behind them the Cowboys in the NFC East. The NFC is ultra-competitive and if the season ended today they would have four teams in front of them who also would be missing the playoffs.

The Eagles’ road isn’t going to get any easier as they go on the road to take on the Buffalo Bills in their next game. If they want to stay in the playoff race they need to treat this game as a must-win.