The Philadelphia Eagles picked up a hard-fought victory over the Washington Football Team on Sunday, improving to 9-7 in the process. While Jalen Hurts wasn't as mobile as usual for the Eagles, the offensive line managed to protect him throughout the game, surrendering just one sack against Washington. Well, Hurts was nearly sacked again while walking into the locker room after the game, when a portion of the stands at FedExField came crashing down while he walked by, via Mike Garafolo.

Only in Washington, folks.

Hurts was just soaking in the aftermath of a well-earned victory when he was suddenly forced to side step out of the way of the railing that had come crashing down, along with the fans who had been leaning up against it. These Eagles fans were eager to get a high-five from their franchise quarterback, but instead ended up getting a lot closer to Hurts than they initially intended.

Fortunately, it seems as if everyone escaped the situation without injury, and Hurts was seen helping those around him back to their feet. We can't help but wonder what would hurt more, getting hit by a collapsing guard rail, or taking a hit from a 300-pound defensive lineman?

This just marks another bizarre incident to come out of FedExField this year, in addition to the disturbing sewage leak that was present earlier this season. It might be time for some renovations to come to the stadium, considering opposing teams go out of their way to bring their own benches to the grounds. The collapse of the stands at the end of the game isn't even surprising at this point, though it's certainly still hilarious.