Back during Darius Slay's tenure with the Detroit Lions, it was well known that he and then-head coach Matt Patricia never got along with each other. Now both with the Philadelphia Eagles, with Patricia being the current de facto defensive coordinator, it seems that things have changed for the better. Slay and Patricia have apparently put down their feud and have even taken a liking to working with one another.

“It’s been awesome for me to be back around Slay and really have an unbelievable relationship. He’s a great guy. He’s super kind, super funny, very determined. He’s everything that he is,” Patricia stated to reporters, as per NBC Sports.

Patricia also added how Slay has been a big help in his transition to being a part of the Eagles organization.

“You know how it is when you go to a new place, and you are trying to learn people, you gravitate towards the ones you know. He’s out there with arms open and helped me fit in and feel comfortable. I’m really very grateful to him for that.”

These words come as a surprise, considering how their animosity back then started with what Slay described as “disrespect.” In 2018, Matt Patricia reportedly told Slay that the latter was not an elite cornerback.

“He said I wasn't an elite corner…That told me right there that he didn't have respect for me,” Slay said to reporters fresh off his trade from the Lions, as per Yahoo News.

Now with both men seeing eye to eye, the Eagles have one less issue to worry about as playoffs begin over a month away.