Eagles news: Philadelphia loses both DeSean Jackson, Alshon Jeffrey to injury vs. Falcons
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Eagles lose both DeSean Jackson, Alshon Jeffrey to injury vs. Falcons

DeSean Jackson, Eagles, Alshon Jeffery

The Philadelphia Eagles were hoping to build on their win against the Washington Redskins when they faced the Atlanta Falcons. However, they had to play without DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery for the remainder of the game.

The Eagles’ official Twitter profile confirmed the fears of the Philly fans who were watching the game unfold.

The two are essential components to the Eagles’ wide receiver core, and their absence in the game was profoundly felt: Philly has failed to make most of the passing game, only converting around 120 yards as of the fourth quarter.

To add insult to injury, Carson Wentz was also taken down in the first half. According to the report, Wentz was under concussion protocol after being hit hard on the play.

However, his injury doesn’t fully excuse him from the horrible game. He had thrown 12 of 25 from the pocket before the fourth quarter began. While he managed to convert a touchdown, the two interceptions he threw cost the team.

Jackson was particularly looking forward to the game as he was looking to compete with Falcons wideout Julio Jones. He finished Week 1 with eight receptions for 154 yards. Him being forced to watch from the sidelines was a horrible experience for him.

It’s also a waste for Jeffery who has just reworked his contract with the Eagles not to play a snap. He wasn’t as effective in Week 1 as he only got 49 yards, but his single touchdown reception was important to win the game for the Eagles.

Fans will be hoping that the injuries to their two key receivers aren’t severe.