Eagles news: Tom Brady admits Super Bowl loss to Philly still cringeworthy
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Tom Brady admits Super Bowl loss to Eagles still cringeworthy

Tom Brady, Eagles

If you did not watch “The Match Part Two” with Tom Brady on Sunday, sorry. It was absolutely incredible. Add in the fact that there have been very few live sports lately and this was 100% a must-watch, including for Eagles fans.

It had Tiger Woods teaming up with Peyton Manning to go up against Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady in a round of golf. Do you really need any other reason to watch?

There were some absolutely dreadful shots (a lot by Tom Brady) and some absolutely incredible shots (funnily enough with the best coming from Brady).

It also gave us a boatload of content. There were quotables for days. We had Charles Barkley on commentary, Mickelson being his usual goofy self and Woods throwing out some great one-liners.

It was the rivalry between Brady and Manning that produced the most laughs. Tom Brady seemed to be really enjoying it, even when he was the butt of the jokes.

That included getting a lot of shots thrown at him about certain opponents. He heard some rips about Peyton’s bother, Eli Manning. There were also comments on Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles.

It was the Eagles comments that Tom Brady noticed.

Tom Brady did not seem to be bothered by the jokes at all. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying them. Say what you want about the quarterback, he can absolutely take a joke.

It’s not hard to see why he considers that to be the most “cringe.” It was the most recent Super Bowl loss for Tom Brady and the Patriots. It was definitely a tough one, with the “Philly Special” becoming historic.

Tom Brady had his ups-and-downs on the golf course on Sunday. In the end, it was for a great cause and it gave everyone a ton of entertainment. Good for everyone involved and special props to Brady for being more-than happy to get some insults hurled his way.

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