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Eagles rumors: DeAndre Hopkins trade proposal details revealed

DeAndre Hopkins, Eagles

The Houston Texans seemed to pit various teams against one another as they looked to deal star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

While the Texans ultimately settled on a deal with the Arizona Cardinals involving running back David Johnson and future draft-pick compensation, Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman said he received far different terms when negotiating with Houston.

The Eagles had been hoping to make some kind of splash for a playmaker at one of the skill positions, especially wide receiver.

Philly’s wideouts underwhelmed last year, both due to injury and a lack of depth. However, it appears the Texans may have overextended themselves in their demands from the Eagles, as Roseman never consummated a deal.

Of course, Roseman did not give any indication of Houston’s terms. Then again, the fact the Texans were even discussing Hopkins was maddening enough.

Hopkins is unquestionably one of the best receivers in football. He has made four Pro Bowls in the last five seasons while also being named First Team All-Pro in each of the last three years. Not to mention, he is only entering his age-28 season.

The Texans felt the need to trade Hopkins due in part to his increasing contract demands, though it seems rather perplexing they would not feel Hopkins was worth at least $20 million in terms of annual average value.

Still, it bears wondering just what exactly the Texans were initially demanding. Perhaps the fact they could acquire Johnson in addition to a slew of draft picks made a deal with the Cardinals more appealing.

Regardless, the Eagles will have to look elsewhere–notably the upcoming NFL Draft–to add marquee talent at wide receiver.