Eddy Gordo is officially Tekken 8's most popular character. That is according to newly collected Tekken 8 player data, compiled by Reddit user NotQuiteFactual and reported by Tekken 8 streamer AlietteFaye.

It's been a little over two months since the launch of Tekken 8. The game received rave reviews when it first came out due to the significant upgrades in graphics and combat systems. The Tekken scene is as competitive as usual with players actively playing ranked online. Having that in mind, some might be curious about which character is currently being used the most.

Tekken 8 streamer known as AlietteFaye recently posted a chart of the most popular characters as of this April on her Twitter. The streamer credited prominent Reddit user NotQuiteFactual who is known for sharing Tekken data. According to the gathered data, Eddy Gordo currently reigns supreme amongst all other fighters. Out of 165,000+ active players, Eddy has a 7.37% usage rate in online ranked.

Honestly, having the capoeira king at the forefront isn't surprising. There are several reasons why everyone loves using Eddy in Tekken 8. First, while he may be a legacy character, he is also the first DLC character in the game which means people will tend to use him more than the initial roster. Furthermore, many believe that Eddy is the easiest character to use in-game as the capoeira master has a relatively low skill ceiling.

On top of Eddy already being easy to use, Bandai Namco infamously tweaked his combos for a more beginner-friendly experience. Many competitive players dislike the fact that their opponents could easily beat them by spamming one specific button. Given that type of win rate in matchups, it's difficult to resist taking the easy way out of the hellacious world of online ranked mode.

Looking at the Some  of the Other Popular Tekken 8 Characters

While Eddy Gordo may be at the forefront among the popular Tekken 8 characters, that doesn't mean he left the others in the dust. There are still several characters with high usage rates in online ranked mode. For this list, we're going to look at the top three characters behind Eddy in the leader chart.

Jin Kazma

First on the runners-up list is none other than the game's main protagonist Jin Kazama with a usage rate of 6.45%. Since he was first introduced in the series back in Tekken 3, Jin quickly became popular among fans. Initially utilizing the Kazama style of fighting, Jin adapted the Mishima style and mixed it up with Karate in the later installments.

Fans particularly love using Jin because of the powerful punches and kicks he can throw. Despite him not being beginner-friendly, his usage rate remains high in ranked games given that's where most tenured players are.


The next noteworthy character on the list is the luchador sporting a jaguar mask, King. The agile luchador has a high usage rate of 6.43%. King is popular among old-time and newer fans alike. His moveset features a variety of wrestling moves, which is practically the selling point of the character.

King's moveset has constantly changed over the years with a handful of his original moves sticking around. While it may suck to re-learn a character you often use, the jaguar-masked pro-wrestler is particularly interesting to play as in Tekken 8.

There are a few WWE finishers that have been added to King's arsenal. One notable move is Randy Orton's RKO, otherwise known as Rapid King Onslaught in the game. With this type of fan service to WWE enthusiasts, King will surely resonate with many players.


Last but not least we have Reina Mishima. Reina is one of the latest characters introduced in the game and quickly became a popular pick. She's known as the illegitimate child of Heihachi Mishima. With that in mind, Reina's moveset slightly replicates some of her father's combos with a touch of her own moves.

Aside from Reina's character design catching the attention of the Tekken audience, her gameplay is somewhat easy to pick up. Mishima characters are notorious for being difficult to use. However, while Reina uses the Mishima style of fighting, she's easier to play thanks to her agility and less complicated button inputs.

With Tekken 8 not even halfway through its first year yet, many changes are sure to come in the following months. To stay updated with more Tekken news, check out ClutchPoints Gaming.