Award-winning artists Kenny Garrett and legendary trumpeter Takuya Kuroda will be taking to the stage to serenade fans with Elden Ring jazz music on “A Night in the Lands Between.

One of the best games this year, Elden Ring was nominated for multiple awards in this year's version of The Game Awards. One of the reasons why Elden Ring was so enjoyable was its very thematic score, and background music that gives life to the action and adds suspense and tension to even the most basic of encounters.

Usually, players hearing this music will cause them to be on guard. Thankfully, months after its release, Bandai Namco is now taking steps to heal the trauma players got from playing FromSoftware's games. The first step to this healing is by disassociating the music from the traumas of repeatedly dying to enemies – most likely the Tree Sentinel who you battle just right out of the game's tutorial cave.

Bandai Namco is doing this with A Night in the Lands Between, a Jazz night on December 3, 2022, which will have both an in-person performance and an online live stream broadcast. There will be two performances, one at 6:00 PM PST and another at 10:00 PM PST. Both performances will see either or both Grammy Award-winning Jazz artist Kenny Garrett and legendary trumpeter Takuya Kuroda take fans on a jazz journey across the Lands Between.

Fans can purchase tickets for both the online live stream and the in-person show at The Bourbon in Hollywood online here. Tickets start at $25 for the online live stream and $75 for the in-person show. A VOD of the performances can also be purchased for $15.

The Price is Right?

Fans are almost always willing to pay good money for in-person performances of musical scores from video games. However, Bandai Namco might be slightly amiss in their expectation that fans would be willing to spend money to watch a live stream, much less a VOD. I mean, I'm pretty sure there will be those who will, but I think Bandai Namco missed an opportunity to sample this musical performance to would-be fans. They could have converted more viewers for similar events in the future if there was a VOD fans could watch and help them decide that they'd like to attend the next one, especially since Dark Souls games haven't really had something like this before directly from Bandai Namco.