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Evan Fournier’s terrible NBA 2K17 face was turned into a meme

It’s that time of the offseason every NBA player awaits — with the early-release of NBA 2K17, players are eager to see their rating and likeness.

That is unless you’re Evan Fournier. Fournier probably regrets asking in the first place.

Yes, not only is he missing his signature man-bun, but his facial hair looks a little pirate-ish, don’t ye think?

@True_Holliday seems to agree. Couldn’t even tell the difference.

Of course the Crying Jordan memes didn’t take long to rain in.

Candy anyone?

Fellow French international Rudy Gobert seemed to have some fun with it as well.

The Magic shooting guard seems to have been taking it in good fun, especially since the 2k staff has promised to have some new pictures of him on Monday.

Until then, let us feast on this unfortunate mishap.

Which Johnny Depp Fournier meme is your favorite?