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Everything we know about The Division Heartland

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Last year, we reported about Ubisoft’s upcoming free-to-play The Division game, Heartland. During the Ubisoft Forward held last September 10, 2022, we finally get our first glimpse of what Heartland will be like. Read on to learn more about everything we know so far about The Division Heartland.

For starters, Heartland will retain the franchise’s survival-action multiplayer shooter gameplay. Players take control of agents from the fictional Division, a group of sleeper agents activated after the Dollar Flu pandemic. Instead of fighting in the streets of New York or Washington D.C. (the locations of the first and second Division games) however, the game takes place in Silver Creek, a town located in the American Midwest. Once a pleasant town, it is now in ruins after being ravaged by the pandemic. As loyal Division agents, it is the player’s job to respond to calls for help coming from Silver Creek. As the agents help those in need in Silver Town, they will also uncover the secrets hiding inside the town.

While exploring Silver Creek, players will be fighting alongside other Division agents, as well as against agents who have gone rogue. Rogue agents are a recurring gameplay mechanic from previous Division games, where agents take down other agents. It is still unknown if these rogue agents will all be AI-controlled, or if players may also go rogue. Either way, this helps introduce the mechanic to those new to the franchise.

Speaking of which, Heartland will be a standalone, free-to-play The Division game. People who want to check the franchise out can therefore use this as their entry into the franchise. Should they like Heartland, they are free to try out the paid games themselves. If the players just want to stick to Heartland, that’s fine as well. Ubisoft’s stance toward free-to-play games has already changed since last year, so there is a huge chance that they will treat Heartland as well as how they treat their other triple-A games.

Development of Heartland is led by Red Storm, the developers who have been working on The Division since the first game. The game will be available in 2022-2023 on PC, consoles, and cloud. Players interested in signing up for the closed tests can sign up here.

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