If you've completed all of the quests to the point where you have nothing else to do but accomplish the commissions, then miHoYo‘s latest Genshin Impact update will bring a huge smile in your face.

A new refreshing experience awaits you in the world of Teyvat that could fulfill your Christmas desires without the need to spend your money on any Steam game to alleviate the boredom. Hooray! Oh wait, you might spend for primogems out of desperation. Boo!

Now I know some of you are eagerly excited for the newest chapter entitled, “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon,” but you'll have to wait for its official release on December 23. While waiting, you can spend the rest of the day grinding past repetitive commissions, levelling up your most irrelevant character, or better yet reading this article to know more about the upcoming patch. We've even consulted with Oz to make sure that Fischl doesn't include any of her poetic terminologies to confuse you.



Various cultures and geographies have engulfed the world of Teyvat. You first begin your journey in the medieval European themed Mondstadt, travelling around its lush green environment. Once you've accomplished your duties in Mondstadt, you traverse the towering mountains of Liyue, en route to their oriental themed harbor.

But the newest location in the game offers a unique experience for gamers. Dragonspine, a snowy mountain that resembles Mt. Everest, will unleash its cold hearted wrath for Genshin Impact players. Given the freezing environment, players that travel to Dragonspine will encounter a “sheer cold” bar, that will lead to one's demise when depleted. Players must look for means to survive in the most treacherous circumstances through pyro based elements. Besides the objectives surrounding survival, the newest map will feature an impassable terrain and only pyro based characters can deal with it.

The overall mechanics of the mountain will force players to heavily invest on pyro based characters, specifically Xinyan as she could generate a fire based shield without burning the player. This might even force players to remove any other characters that aggravate the frostbiting experience.



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The main synopsis stems from the battle between two of the most iconic dragons in the universe.

Durin, a black serpentine dragon, collapsed on Dragonspine after his defeat in the hands of Dvalin. This served as a catalyst for the newest chapter, forcing the Traveler to venture into the mountains, unlocking its secrets.

Together with the Knights of Favonius, the Traveler embarks on a quest to learn more about the mountain and its hidden mysteries.




The patch will feature two new playable five-star characters. Albedo, aka the Chalk Prince, will slash his way as a sword-wielding geo based alchemist. His genius level intellect has garnered him the position of Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Knights of Favonius' Investigation Team.

Since he serves as Mondstadt's Chief Alchemist, he shares a bond with Sucrose who serves as his assistant.

Albedo's moveset revolves around summoning platforms to zone out opponents and delivering a huge chunk of AOE geo damage.

Besides Albedo, Ganyu will also be a playable character as a cryo based bow user. Unlike the other bow users, Ganyu's charge attack could offer varying attacks depending on her duration. Her abilities allow her to summon an ice bomb that attracts opponents and a sphere that rains crystallized shards.

Though Sucrose has been an unlockable character in the previous patches, her story will highlight her concern for Albedo.



The snow-filled terrain confirms the introduction of ice-based enemies which includes a cryo armored lawachurl and a Fatui Cryo Cicin Mage. The Mitachurl will also be featured with a cryo based shield. In addition, a new ruin based machine is introduced.

Besides the common and elite enemies, the current hypostasis will reappear in Dragonspire albeit with a different set of abilities that could surprise the player.



The Chalk Prince and the Dragon is the main event of the Genshin Impact's recent patch. There will be intriguing rewards which includes Mora, character experience boosters, weapon enhancements, but most notably the four-star sword known as Festering Desire.

However, there is a twist in this event as players can only begin their journey once they complete Albedo's main story quest. Completing the entire event will not only unlock the noteworthy weapon as its secret ability will also be unleashed.



Dragonspine will feature trees that function similarly to the anemo and geo statues. A player will acquire rewards when offering to a tribute to these trees. This includes a warming bottle, an integral item, in keeping the player alive in Dragonspine.

Besides the Festering Desire, other weapons have likewise been introduced which included the Dragonspine Spear (polearm), Snow-Tombed Starsilver (claymore), and Frostbearer (catalyst).

But weapons aren't the only features in the patch as two new sets of artifacts were revealed that benefit both hydro and cryo based characters. The Blizzard Strayer set offers additional cryo bonuses and increases the crit rate of characters against frozen opponents. The Heart of Depth enhances hydro attacks and increases physical damage of players after unleashing an elemental skill.



Annoyed by the current chatbox system? Do you consider photo-taking as a useless hobby? These newest gameplay improvements could shift your overall perspective. You can give your friends strange nicknames in chatboxes, plus you can converse with them outside coop mode. In terms of photo-taking, players can now customize the movements of their characters, a much sought-out request in Genshin Impact.

Fans will certainly enjoy the newest feature where players can automatically pick up rewards upon using resin in a domain. Thank goodness, as players will no longer have horror stories of accidentally ignoring character progression items. There are free Acquaint Fates whenever a character reaches a specific level, increasing your luck in acquiring your dream virtual character.

Now is the time to act like Donna and proclaim your affection for Diluc.