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Falcons WR Calvin Ridley ‘definitely playing faster’ in Year 2

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley has a year under his belt in the league and feels like he is playing faster heading into year two. For most of the first season, Ridley was adjusting to life in the NFL and learning the Falcons system and now that he feels comfortable he is expecting big things this season.

“I thought I played fast last year, but I am definitely playing faster,” Ridley said via AJC.com. “I understand exactly what the coaches want and what (quarterback) Matt (Ryan) wants. So, I feel a lot better.”

Ridley was a first-round draft pick by the Falcons and put up 821 yards and 10 touchdowns as a rookie. Those numbers are nice for a rookie, but Ridley knows he can do more to help the Falcons win games.

“I definitely think I’m a really good receiver, and I can be really good in (the NFL),” Ridley said. “Obviously, help my team win games and put up some numbers. I just want to do good for me and the team. I definitely want to be playing at a high level. That’s the standard for me.”

One of the places that Ridley has really improved is attacking passes in the air. Falcons coach Dan Quinn notes that Ridley has done a lot of studying of Mohamed Sanu and he expects him to be better this season.

With big talk comes big expectations and Ridley is ready for the pressure that comes with that.