Falcons news: Dan Quinn says Vic Beasley is in Atlanta's plans for 2019
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Dan Quinn says Vic Beasley is in Falcons’ plans for 2019

There was some question whether Vic Beasley would be back for the 2019 season, but according to coach Dan Quinn, it appears he will be on the field with the Atlanta Falcons:

“I’m very excited about where I think he can go to, and we’ve had good conversations about the impact that he can make,” Quinn said of Beasley, per ESPN. “The biggest impact that he can make is doing it really consistently.”

Beasley came into the league in 2015 and was a factor right away, leading the league in sacks in 2016. His play has dropped off the last couple of years, but there is hope that with Quinn taking over as the defensive coordinator again, Beasley will get back to the elite play he showed in the first two years in the league:

“I think it’s going to take really good preparation and really consistent play,” Quinn said of Beasley becoming an impact player again. “So how do we get him to that? A lot of things are going to come into that. But if I didn’t think that he could do it, I wouldn’t [commit]. So that’s our belief as an organization, to say, ‘Hey, man, we believe you can get the job done.'”

Quinn wouldn’t commit to a long-term deal with Beasley and said he needs to prove himself on the field this year to earn a longer stay with the Falcons:

“One hundred percent,” Quinn said of Beasley having to earn an extension. “He’s knows that. We know that. … If he’s the competitor we think he is, then those are the moments you live for. I’m excited to see what he can be this year.”

Beasley and the Falcons have a lot on the line this upcoming season, but if he has success, that means Atlanta is also probably having success.