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Matt Ryan speaks out on helping Atlanta community during coronavirus situation

Matt Ryan, Falcons

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has already donated $100,000 to help citizens in need in the Atlanta area and he is still looking for other ways he can help.

Ryan donated $50,000 to the Atlanta Community Food Bank and $50,000 to the Giving Kitchen which helps at-risk food service workers. Peter King of NBC Sports Football Morning in America reached out to Ryan and the star said he wants to use his elevated position for good:

“We’re all doing what we should be doing, if we’re in a position to help,” the Falcons quarterback said.

“Everyone’s targeted causes that are close to their heart. My wife and I have so many friends in the food industry, who own restaurants or who work at restaurants, who have been totally affected by this virus and the quarantines and the shutdown. Friends at the Giving Kitchen who have done a great job helping service workers who’ve come upon hard times, either get sick or are out of work. With the Atlanta Community Food Bank, so many kids are out of school, dependent on two meals—breakfast and lunch—with families who may be having a hard time too. For us, we’re not done. We’re gonna continue to evaluate situations to see what additional areas we can make an impact in and help our community.”

This is just another example of a person in power stepping up in a time of need.

The Falcons star has always been big on charity work, and if more chances come along to help out the city of Atlanta more in the next few months, there is no doubt Ryan is going to step up to the plate to get the job done.