The recent release of The Rising Tide DLC in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16) has introduced a whole lot of items to the game, including the elusive Eludium and Flawless Eludium. In this guide, we will show you the locations of all Eludium and Flawless Eludium in FF16.

All Eludium And Flawless Eludium Locations In FF16

First off, players need to fulfill two conditions before they can locate Eludiums and Flawless Eludiums. The first is that they must first own The Rising Tide DLC, start it, and finish it. The second is that they must unlock the Kairos Gate game mode.

Once players have access to Kairos Gate, they will then be able to get their Eludium and Flawless Eludium.

All Eludium Locations

To find Eludium, players must finish the First, Sixth, Eleventh, and Sixteenth Circles of the Kairos Gate. That means players will have to beat the game mode's first three bosses, and the level after (except for the First Circle). Beating each Circle listed above will give players an Eludium each, totaling four Eludiums.

It's important to note that it does not matter what rank the player gets for the aforementioned circles. What matters is that the player clears them.

All Flawless Eludium Locations

As for Flawless Eludium, players will have to accomplish an additional requirement: finishing the game. Doing so will unlock Final Fantasy Mode, or New Game +. This gives players a harder version of Kairos Gate. However, this isn't all that bad, as the rewards players can get are also better.

To find Flawless Eludium, much like Eludium, players must finish the First, Sixth, Eleventh, and Sixteenth Circles of the Kairos Gate while in Final Fantasy Mode.

Similar to the Eludium, it does not matter what rank the player gets in the aforementioned circles. As long as they can clear the related Circles, they will be able to receive the Flawless Eludiums.

What Can Players Craft With Eludium And Flawless Eludium?

Of course, Eludium and Flawless Eludium aren't just items for players to collect. They can use said items to craft equipment, specifically the Eludium Belt and Eludium Wristlets using Eludium, and the Reinforced Eludium Belt and Reinforced Eludium Wristlets using Flawless Eludium.

What's even better is that these belts and wristlets are better than the ones introduced in the Echoes of the Fallen DLC. For example, at base value, the Fallen Belt and Fallen Bracelet each have 100 Defense and 30 HP. The Eludium Belt and Wristlets, on the other hand, at base value both have 125 Defense and 75 HP.

The same extends to the New Game Plus equipment. The Reinforced Eludium Belt and Reinforced Eludium Wristlets both have a defense value of 225 and an HP value of 150, while the +5 version of the Fallen Belt and BRacelet only have 186 Defense and 90 HP.

Just from the equipment alone, it makes it worth it to get FF16's two DLCs. While this may seem Pay-to-Win, it isn't as you will need said equipment to beat the various bosses and enemies that the DLCs introduce.

That's all for how you can find all of the Eludium and Flawless Eludium in FF16 The Rising Tide. The Rising Tide DLC is available either on its own or as part of the FFXVI Expansion pass. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.