Here's how players can summon their Chocobo, Ambrosia, in Mysidia so that they won't need to walk all over the place once they play The Rising Tide DLC in Final Fantasy 16 (FF16).

How To Summon Ambrosia In Mysidia

Upon entering Mysidia in The Rising Tide, players are forced to walk from one location to another. Once they reach a certain point in the story, various side quests will become available. One such quest is Bird of Passage, which players can get from Manda near Haven's Chocobo stables.

Upon talking to Manda, Clive will bring up that he owns a white Chocobo, Ambrosia. Manda will ask Clive to bring Ambrosia over, which Clive will agree to. Manda will mention that her father has a boat big enough to ferry a Chocobo over from the mainland.

Manda's father will agree to this arrangement but will require the player to get a Mimett Gourd to prepare Ambrosia for the journey. Players can get a Mimett Gourd by Fast Traveling to Martha's Rest and talking to Rowan, the trader who originally told players about Ambrosia's existence. Rowan will give players the Mimmet Gourd for free.

Players should then head over to the campsite where they first met Shula at the start of the FF16 Rising Tide DLC. Hand over the Mimett Gourd to Manda's father, and the player will be automatically teleported back to Haven in Mysidia. Once there, there will be a short cutscene, before the quest completes.

Players who finish the quest will be met with this screen

Players who finish the Bird of Passage quest will receive 5600 EXP and 25 Wyrrite. More importantly, players will also unlock the ability to summon Ambrosia while in Mysidia, allowing them to travel in the overworld faster.

Is Bringing Ambrosia To Mysidia Optional?

As Birds of Passage is an optional quest, players don't need to complete it to finish The Rising Tide Main Scenario Quests. That means that they can just ignore the Birds of Passage quest from Manda and go through the entire DLC without Ambrosia.

While this is possible, it is not recommended. Mysidia is an entire map, with a size comparable to the other areas in the game. Although fast travel points are available, it will still take some time if the player wants to walk all over the map.

For example, the section of the map leading to the Temple is very far from the nearest fast travel point. Even if the player sprints, it will still take some time to get there. As such, although it is optional, players must do the Birds of Passage quest. The quest itself is fast, so players can quickly get back into the DLC's Main Scenario Quest.

You Will Be Exploring Mysidia For A While

As mentioned above, The Rising Tide introduces a new map to the game: Mysidia. Unlike Echoes of the Fallen, which featured a linear map, Mysidia's map is closer to the other areas in the game. This map contains various treasure chests, new enemies, and a new material called Aquamarine, which is used for special accessories.

The DLC also brings with it Leviathan Eikonic powers, allowing players to additionally harness the power of water in their attacks. It also introduces Ultima powers, something that players were not expecting from the DLC.

That's all for our guide on how to bring over our Chocobo, Ambrosia to Mysidia in the FF16 DLC The Rising Tide. The Rising Tide DLC is available either on its own or as part of the FFXVI Expansion pass. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.