Final Fantasy 7 (FF7) Rebirth recently released, bringing with it a game even bigger than the Remake. Rebirth also brings with it the Gold Saucer and the ability to go on a date with one of your party members. If you, like many others, want to go on a date with Barret, then you're in luck. In this guide, we will teach you how you can improve your relationship with Barret in FF7 Rebirth.

Beware of spoilers in this guide.

Barret Romance and Relationship Guide

There are a total of four ways for players to improve their relationship with a character. In this Barret relationship guide, we will be going through each one of them in turn, starting with the conversations.

Barret Conversation Guide

The first way to improve your relationship with Barret in FF7 Rebirth is through a timed conversation. Every few chapters, while inside a location's hub town, the player will have the option to talk to their party members. During said conversation, players will have the opportunity to choose one of three options when replying to their companion. The best option will improve your relationship the most, while the worst option will only improve it by a small amount.

Now, let's go over the conversations you can have with Barret, as well as the best options for each.

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The conversation players will have with Barret in Chapter 2

Chapter 2

In Chapter 2, the player can find Barret seated at the counter of a bar. This bar is located in the north-west area of Kalm. Talk to him, and when presented with the choices, pick “First one's on me.”

Chapter 4

After saving Yuffie on the beach, the party will each head over to the Inn. Go to Barret's room (the one before Aerith's) to start the conversation. When prompted, select “Your autograph.”

Chapter 6

After the player and company fight the boss on the beach, head over to Barret and talk to him. He will be seated on the stairs. When prompted, select “This is on Hojo.

Chapter 9

This conversation happens in Gongaga Village. Barret is standing south of the rest spot building. Once prompted, choose the option “Mushrooms.”

Chapter 10

During the mission The River of Lights, players will have the option to talk to the entire party. Make sure to talk to Barret before talking to Aerith, as talking to her first will remove the option to talk to the entire party. Once you do talk to Barret, choose the option “No, we fight.”

Chapter 11

During the mission A Village Changed, Cait Sith will start using the terminal. Once this happens, head over to Barret, who is seated at the inn. Select “Hell yeah you're right. Screw them.” once the prompt arrives.

Barret Side Quests Guide

Barret listening to Yuffie

The second way to improve your relationship with a character is through the various side missions available to the player. Each character in your party has a side mission that, once finished, will improve your relationship with them. The following are the side missions that players can do to improve their relationship with Barret:

  • Lifeline in Peril
  • When Words Won’t Do
  • Missing: Mr. Birdie
  • The Pursuit of Perfection
  • Hustle and Grind
  • Escape from Endless Writer’s Block
  • Lament of the Damned

Doing these missions will greatly improve your relationship with Barret, so make sure to do them.

Barret Synergy Skills and Abilities

The third way to improve your relationship with a character is during combat, via the game's Synergy Skills and Abilities. These can be unlocked whenever the player improves a character's Folio. By unlocking and using Synergy Skills and Abilities, players will improve their relationship with a character. In Barret's case, the Synergy Skills that the player can unlock and use are:

  • Mad Dash
  • United Refocus
  • Iron Defense
  • Avalance Two-Step
  • Friendly Fire
  • Ninja Carbine
  • Purrfect Shot
  • Arcane Blast

Barret Story Beats

The fourth and final way to improve a character's relationship is through some special story beats. These are required events that, when done properly, will improve the player's relationship with a particular character. For Barret, there are a total of four.

Costa del Sol Beach Fight

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Right before the Grasptropod boss fight in this chapter, the player will have to choose between two parties. One of the parties contains Tifa and Red XIII, while the other has Aerith and Barret. Choose to help Aerith and Barret here.

Corel Minecart Route and Score

This happens in Chapter 7. During the minecart sequence, players must choose to leave the minecart facing left.

Corel Prison Buggy Escape

During the Anuran Suppressor boss fight, players will play as Barret and will have to shoot the boss from the back of the truck. Finishing this boss fight will improve Barret's relationship with Cloud.


Completing the mini-game will improve your relationship with Barret. Additionally, the player can also choose to fight him.

Skywheel Date

If the player played their cards right, Barret should have the highest affinity score with the player at this point. This will make Barret the player's companion throughout Chapter 12, eventually culminating in a Skywheel Date. If the player has a high enough affinity score with Barret, they will have an intimate date. If not, a standard cutscene will play instead.

Thankfully, if the player is not able to get the intimate scene with Barret, there is a backup option. After finishing the game, players can head over to System, then Extra Settings, then Chapter 12 Companion and Event Conclusion. This will allow players who failed to see the FF7 Rebirth Barret romance scene without having to play the entire game all over again.

That's it for our guide on how you can improve your relationship and romance Barret in FF7 Rebirth. The game is available exclusively on PlayStation 5. Check out our gaming news articles for the latest in gaming news.