Cowboys news: Orlando Scandrick regrets not staying with Dallas 'through thick and thin'
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Former Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick regrets not staying with Dallas ‘through thick and thin’

Orlando Scandrick

Free agent cornerback Orlando Scandrick made headlines after calling out the Philadelphia Eagles following his recent release from the team. It appears the whole ordeal has brought back memories of his days with the Dallas Cowboys.

Scandrick spent the bulk of his career in Dallas before making multiple pit stops over the last two seasons. He admittedly regrets not doing more to stay with the Cowboys, via Jon Machota of The Athletic:

“If I could take back one thing or one regret that I have in my whole entire sports career, it would have been to stay with that Dallas Cowboys organization through thick and thin.”

Scandrick’s comments are interesting, to say the least. Perhaps it was the healthy dose of nostalgia he received from playing in Dallas during Week 7. After all, it was ultimately followed up by his subsequent release from Philadelphia that has now caused him to regret his career choices in recent years.

Scandrick’s comments could very well be a plea to team owner Jerry Jones to consider bringing him aboard for the second half of the 2019 NFL season. He is hardly the only former Cowboy to make his return to the team after a brief absence. Regardless, the prospect of him returning for an 11th season still seems a bit far-fetched given his recent struggles.

The veteran certainly did not do himself any favors by calling out members of the Eagles organization. It will be interesting to see if his boisterous departure will have any impact on a team’s desire to bring him on.