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Former NFL RB Thomas Jones blasts Papa John’s

Thomas Jones

Papa John’s has come under fire after it was revealed that the company’s now-former chairman, John Schnatter, used a racial slur in a conference call in May.

It has led to some immediate criticism that has pushed the company to distance itself from Schnatter in any capacity moving forward. Former NFL running back Thomas Jones has chimed in on this situation in an interview with TMZ Sports stating that he will never eat that pizza again describing its being compared to the box it came in,

“Never in my life [will I buy Papa John’s pizza again],” Jones told us in NYC … “I never ate Papa John’s anyway. It tasted like — I don’t know if I was eating the box or the pizza.”

“It was terrible,” he added.

Things have continued to shift in the entire running of Papa John’s that seen him already moving toward removing the founder’s image from all of their advertising. This has been a steadily downward trajectory for Schnatter as he had stepped down as chief executive last year after he criticized the NFL over players’ decision to protest during the national anthem for various reasons stemming toward the racial injustices that continue to go on in the United States.

The company has already lost its sponsorship with the University of Louisville’s football field, and many more similar moves may be ahead for Papa John’s. Schnatter has already done enough damage to his former pizza chain’s public image that will more than likely see several other sponsorships be lost because of his actions that are quite damning of his character.

It will be a long recovery process for Papa John’s that could require a complete overhaul of the branding to put it back on the right track as the third largest pizza company in the United States.

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