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Former PlayStation 4 exclusive thriller Erica launches on Steam in May

Flavourworks, Erica

Video Games in general improved a lot over the past few years. Developers got really creative and skilled at presenting games with interesting mechanics that offer brand new experiences. However, not all innovations in games succeeded upon release. Full-Motion Video (FMV) titles almost split the gaming community with its unique approach to video games. The medium was thought to have perished in the early ’90s but the success of some games kept the weird game style alive. Now, a sleeper FMV title that used to be exclusive for the PlayStation 4 looks to try its luck on the PC market. Erica, a spooky thriller set in an eerie mansion, launches on Steam this May.


Most modern gamers usually play action-adventure or FPS games. There’s nothing wrong with that. Those kinds of games successfully increased in popularity with amazing games in their respective genres. Most games require players to perform amazing feats to rank up kills or points but there’s another lesser-appreciated side of video games.

The full beauty of FMV titles such as Erica lies in their ability to capitalize on narrative over gameplay. Naturally, game mechanics aren’t completely ignored in interactive movies. Players get to influence part of the plot with key decisions. Now, in the same way that not all action or FPS games are amazing, not all FMV or narrative-heavy games are worth attention. However, try and keep an open mind before giving Erica a pass. FMV’s trigger the same sort of enjoyment as Visual Novels and Interactive Novels. If you’ve enjoyed those types of games in the past or games from Telltale Games then Erica might be a great new gaming experience for you.

The trailer does an amazing job to set the creepy tone that’s emblematic of the entire experience. Erica officially launches on May 25, 2021, on the Steam platform. Interested players can wishlist the game right now so they’ll be notified once it releases.