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Former Seahawks teammates throw shade at Russell Wilson after loss to Seattle

Russell Wilson, Seahawks, Broncos

Russell Wilson used to beat teams in Seattle, but on Monday, he found himself on that end of the spectrum, as he and the Denver Broncos lost to the Seattle Seahawks on the road to the tune of a 17-16 score. Not many people expected the Seahawks to pull off an upset at home versus Denver, but there certainly were countless Seattle fans cheering for that to happen. And they got just what they wanted, thanks in large part to a questionable decision made late in the game by the Broncos, opting for a 64-yard field goal attempt instead of trusting Wilson to deliver on a fourth-and-5 situation with just a minute remaining in regulation.

Russell Wilson and the Broncos’ debacle also had the quarterback’s former Seahawks teammates coming out of the woodwork on Twitter to throw shade at him and Denver. If we were in Family Feud and Steve Harvey asked which former Russell Wilson teammate would hit Twitter right away to make fun of the Broncos after such a loss, Richard Sherman would likely be the top answer.

And there he is.

Former Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin, who played his entire eight-year NFL career in Seattle threads also had an intriguing reaction to how the game ended.

With that win over Denver, the Seahawks suddenly found themselves ahead of everybody in the NFC West division. In fact, they are the only team in that division to get out of Week 1 with a victory, and for that to come at the expense of Russell Wilson just makes it even sweeter for the team.