Frank Reich was the head coach for the Carolina Panthers until the team fired Reich after a 1-10 start in his first season in 2023. He was a backup quarterback in the NFL from 1985-1998, playing with teams such as the Buffalo Bills, Panthers, New York Jets, and Detroit Lions.

Reich took eight years off after retiring to spend time with his family but chose to become a coaching intern with the Indianapolis Colts in 2006. He won a Super Bowl in his first year as a coaching intern.

Reich went on to coach with a couple of different teams, reaching the pinnacle of winning a Super Bowl once again as the offensive coordinator of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017. The Indianapolis Colts made Reich their head coach in 2018, which helped Reich amass a net worth of $10 million.

However, they let him go after a 3-5-1 start in his fifth season. Reich returned to Carolina in 2023 as their head coach but didn't even last for a full season.

Throughout his entire journey, Frank has had the same woman by his side. Frank Reich's wife is Linda Reich.

Frank Reich's wife Linda Reich

Frank Reich's wife, Linda Reich, Frank Reich Linda Reich

The Reichs tied the knot in 1987 while the Buffalo Bills employed him as their backup quarterback. The couple settled in Charlotte, N.C., in 1995 when Frank played for the Panthers.

They made Charlotte their home base after Frank retired from football, living there for 13 years. Since she has been his wife for 36 years, let's meet Linda Reich outside her relationship with Frank.

Linda is the president and co-founder of the kNot Today foundation. The foundation is a nonprofit organization that focuses on awareness, prevention, and developing healing programs for sexually abused and exploited children. The effort is based in Indiana, where their family was at the time.

Linda Reich's background

Linda grew up in the same town as Frank, and she was a cheerleader while Frank played football at Cedar Crest High School. It is unknown how long they have been dating, but it is thought that they met there.

Eventually, the couple tied the knot in 1986. As the couple begins their life back in Charlotte, Linda says she plans to expand to North Carolina. She sees the new chapter as an opportunity to dive back into the area and service opportunities.

“Everything is about being part of the community, enjoying the people, unearthing everything there is to unearth, and being a servant of the community,” Linda said. “How can we serve this community? How can we elevate the community, and how can we support the community? Who needs us to do whatever we can to unite the Carolinas together?”

Frank Reich, Linda Reich's relationship

After getting married in Buffalo in 1987, the couple settled in Charlotte. They have three daughters who are grown adults, Lia, Aviry, and Hannah. All three spent their lives growing up in Charlotte, graduated from school there, and are now back there working.

The couple is happy to be back living in Charlotte. “We have an extended family here. We truly do,” Linda said. “Not only personal family but so many friends who are like family. We've kept connections with all of those people through the years, and we've had so many wonderful responses. We've been embraced by so many friends. It's been so encouraging by the entire community just welcoming us back. So we are overjoyed to be here, and feel like we're coming back home.”
Frank had the rare opportunity to return to Charlotte, where his children reside, and his wife is more comfortable. Unfortunately, Frank won't be able to continue coaching for the team that is where his family has chosen to settle down. But at least he has more than three years left on his contract to figure out what he will do next.
This is all we know about Frank Reich's wife, Linda Reich.