Andrew Bogut plans to care for wife rather than sign with NBA team
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Andrew Bogut plans to care for wife rather than sign with NBA team

Andrew Bogut

Andrew Bogut began the season with the Los Angeles Lakers. He didn’t put up big numbers while with the Lakers, but he did manage to make significant impacts on the young players such as Kyle Kuzma and Ivica Zubac.

As the season wore on, Bogut began to lose his spot in the rotation and eventually stopped playing altogether because the team wanted to focus on developing its young players. However, Bogut ended up being waived by the team in early January.

News came out that Bogut expected to sign with a new team after the trade deadline. But just on Tuesday morning, a report by Shams Charania of Yahoo! Sports says Bogut plans on taking care of his wife instead, and he’ll be ready for July 1 free agency.

First off all, it should be said that everyone is pulling for Bogut’s wife and the couple’s unborn child. That must be a scary situation to be involved in, and basketball of course does not take priority over the health of Bogut’s wife and child.

So after Bogut and his family are in the clear, he can then focus on his basketball career. How will the market be for him, and how much can he earn? There aren’t many teams with cap space, and he is an older center with a skill set that is on the tail end of necessity in the NBA.

But Bogut can still be a mentor for younger players and a guy who can give a team spot minutes at the center position against other team’s second units. It would be surprising if he started on a formidable NBA team.

But none of that would matter if something tragic happened to his wife or unborn child. So Bogut should just ignore anything related to basketball until he can make sure his family is safe.

Of course, he doesn’t need some silly writer to tell him that.