Battle, battle, battle in the Genshin Impact 3.0 event Tablet Analytics! Earn Primogems, an exclusive Furniture, and more for your troubles.

On a cliff in the wilds of Sumeru, the mysterious alchemist Hajanad is experimenting with her potent “Remelting Tablets.” Assist Hajanad in her research and take advantage of “Remelting Tablets” during combat to win great rewards.

Tablet Analytics

Event Rewards

In Tablet Analytics, Travelers can earn the following Rewards:

  • Primogems
  • Furniture: Cauldron of Herbs
  • Mora
  • Talent Level-Up Materials
  • Character EXP Materials
  • Mora

Event Duration

Event Duration: September 15th, 2022 10:00 AM – September 26th, 2022 03:59 AM (Server Time).

“Controllable Explosion” Quest Duration: September 21st, 2022 4:00 AM – September 26th, 2022 03:59 AM (Server Time)


Players must be at least Adventure Rank 20 to participate in this event.

Event Overview

During the first 8 days of the event, one new challenge will be unlocked every 2 days. During each challenge, you can use characters provided by the event or your own to complete 3 consecutive combat rounds.

The “Remelting Tablets” allocated for each round have 4 potential effects. Using the “Remelting Device” to trigger “Remelting Effects” can randomly activate one or more buffs for a short period of time, providing tremendous support during combat.

The goal of the challenge is to defeat as many opponents as possible within the time limit to score points. When the challenge ends, you will receive medals based on this score.

Elemental Resonances will not take effect in the “Tablet Analytics” event challenges, nor will you be able to use food or other items.

Completing the quest “Controllable Explosion” is required to obtain the Cauldron of Herbs furnishing.

Event Gameplay

You must complete 3 consecutive challenge rounds during the “Tablet Analytics” stages. Each challenge round requires you to defeat opponents that will continuously appear within a time limit to accrue score. Your party setup can be changed between rounds to deal with different types of opponents. When the challenge ends, you will obtain test-related emblems based on your score.

The Remelting Device can be used every 15s within the challenge to gain 1 or more potential Remelting Effects. Activated Remelting Effects will give powerful combat buffs for a limited time. Each combat round will feature different Remelting Effects. Use the Remelting Device at suitable timings to make combat quicker and more efficient.

Defeating opponents during the challenge can shorten the CD of the Remelting Device. The Device’s CD cannot be further decreased once it falls below 5s.

Other Details

There is a related Battle Pass quest that rewards 1500 BP EXP:

  • Score 2000 points in “Peak Capability Activated” during the “Tablet Analytics” event

There are two quests related to this event:

  • The Cliffside Weirdo and a Risky Study? – You hear that a strange person is wandering in the mountain to the east of Sumeru City…
  • Controllable Explosion – The testing on the “Remelting Tablets” is progressing smoothly. It is time to report back to Hajanad…

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