If you didn’t know any better, you’d easily dismiss someone whose title is the “Kamisato Clan’s Housekeeper” to be a total pushover. But having met Thoma way back in Genshin Impact version 2.0, we all know just how good he is in the martial arts. Thanks to the most recent special program, we saw glimpses of Thoma’s character kit, getting to know him better. Here are all the Thoma details we’ve learned about his character so far.

Thoma Basic Information

Thoma is an upcoming 4-star Pyro Polearm user. While he’s just a 4-star character, he’s actually one of the most highly anticipated characters in the game. A lot of fans have fallen for him already right from his introduction because of his good looks. However, even more fans grew to appreciate him after seeing his moveset in-game.

Thoma can cook a special Miso Soup dish – “Warmth”, which restores more HP than regular Miso Soup. Knowing his penchant for hot pot, we suspect that he even adds more weird stuff to his Miso Soup, probably. When fishing with him, you have a 20% chance of receiving a second fish in one pull.

Thoma Talents and Combat Abilities

Thoma is a formidable fighter, capable of taking on multiple enemies at once. He also makes use of shields to protect not only himself but also his closest allies. Here are his abilities:

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Elemental Skill – Blazing Blessing – Thoma uses the tip of his spear as a pivot to channel flames and perform a kick that deals AoE Pyro DMG and unleashes a defensive Blazing Barrier. At the moment it is unleased, the Elemental Burst will apply Pyro to Thoma.

Elemental Burst – Crimson Ooyoroi – Thoma spins his spear, slicing through his foes with roaring fires that deal AoE Pyro DMG and weave themselves into a Scorching Ooyoroi.

Elemental Burst Effect – Scorching Ooyoroi – The Normal Attacks of active characters affected by the Scorching Ooyori will trigger Fiery Collapses that deal AoE Pyro DMG and summon Blazing Barriers.

Thoma definitely is a great addition to your team. While he provides support as someone who can consistently apply Pyro to opponents, he also has great shields that can also be used offensively. His moveset is also quite flashy, and it’s a pleasure to see him in action.

Genshin Impact version 2.2 will launch on October 13, 2021. Thoma will be introduced in the second limited-time event banner of the version, which might fall on the first week of November. He accompanies Hu Tao, a fellow Pyro Polearm user, in his debut banner.