While San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle has not been on the field with quarterback Brock Purdy this offseason since undergoing core muscle surgery, he has noticed the command his quarterback has over his team throughout the spring.

“He looks like the guy, which is really nice,” George Kittle said, via Jennifer Lee Chan of NBC Sports Bay Area. “He's in the building every day and is the same guy every single day, consistent. He's incredibly competitive. It's fun seeing him yell at guys when they don't hit their route depth or have the wrong landmark.”

Kittle said that while it is still Kyle Shanahan's offense, Brock Purdy is getting on the same page with everyone so he can be on the same page. Purdy has command of Kyle Shanahan's system and is running it the way that is best suited for himself, based on what Kittle has said.

“He's taking control of the offense and making it his,” Kittle said, via Chan. “It's Kyle's, and Kyle is calling the plays, but Brock is getting guys to do what he wants them to do, which is really fun to see.”

Kittle is not the only one to praise Purdy, as former 49ers tight ends Charlie Woerner and Ross Dwelley had nothing but nice things to say about Purdy. Both tight ends are in the Atlanta Falcons organization now.

“Super proud of Brock,” Charlie Woerner said, via Chan. “He handled everything like a pro, coming in starting as the third string. From where he started, and how he showed up every day, just continuing being a pro, and ready for his opportunity. And when he got it, everyone knows he took advantage of it, and has been crushing it.”

Ross Dwelley credited Purdy's ability to tune out the outside noise during his career with the 49ers so far.

“He really kind of came in and he just had the mindset that he didn't really care about anything else going on,” Dwelley said, via Chan. “He was really to himself and focused on learning the playbook as best he could, as fast as he could, and doing the best with every opportunity he got during that training camp.”

49ers' Brock Purdy contract decision looms

The 49ers are getting a bargain with Purdy's current contract, with him being the last pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. That allows them to keep talent at other areas. However, after this season, Purdy is eligible for a contract extension.

It would be a surprise if the 49ers do not extend Purdy after this season, especially if he keeps up the level of play from the last two seasons. It will be interesting to see where that number falls when the time comes and how it impacts the salary cap.