There is no doubt that this is a much different offseason for the San Francisco 49ers than in previous years and this time around, it surrounds star quarterback Brock Purdy. Coming off of a Super Bowl appearance, Purdy and the 49ers are hungry to repeat their immense success from last season and bring it into the fall of 2024 and hopefully into 2025.

One of the many reasons why this offseason is different than the rest is because this is technically the first full one for Purdy as last season, he was dealing with an injury that kept him out for a significant amount of time. On the other hand, the 24-year old calls it “nice” that he can focus on football and improving his game rather than being through rehab according to Nick Wagoner of ESPN.

“For me it was like, this is going to be a different kind of offseason,” Purdy said. “It's nice that I don't have to be on this schedule and regime of rehab, rehab, rehab, get healthy and sort of stress about am I going to make it back for the season or not. We sort of just have an offseason to breathe and reflect on really the last two years because it's been go, go, go. For me it's been really good, just mentally and sort of having that hunger to come back and be ready to roll.”

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan speaks on Purdy's growth

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy (13) throws a pass against the Kansas City Chiefs in the second half in Super Bowl LVIII at Allegiant Stadium.
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Purdy was great last season as he threw for 4,280 yards, 31 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions along with an NFL best 72.8 quarterback rating. On top of everything, he was finalist for the league's Most Valuable Player award along with 49ers teammate Christian McCaffrey as it ended up going to Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson.

The Iowa State product growth has been noticeable to the likes of San Francisco head coach Kyle Shanahan where he mentioned how he has been “ahead” to where he was last season. With Purdy unequivocally the leader of the team, Shanahan said it has “been awesome” to see him lead the team “through the whole offseason.”

“He is definitely ahead of where he was last year this time,” Shanahan said. “It's been awesome for him to lead us through the whole offseason, just drill wise and everything. It's been great to have [him] for a first full offseason.”

Talking about the aforementioned injury he sustained, it was a torn ulnar collateral ligament that he suffered in the NFC Championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles in 2023. It would lead to an incomplete offseason for Purdy as he mostly was preparing to get back on the field through rehab while studying film.

Purdy has become undoubtedly become San Francisco's leader

Even with all the hurdles, it resulted in a fantastic season where the 4,280 yards he threw as said before was a franchise record and recording over 30 touchdowns was the first time a 49ers quarterback did that since Jeff Garcia in 2001. On top of the talents he has on the field, the one aspect he wanted to grow into was a leader among men as was pointed out by San Francisco quarterbacks coach Brian Griese.

“That's what we talk about,” Griese said. “Situational awareness on top of all the progressions and then growing as a leader off the field and in the locker room and what that entails and what that looks like. And as you gain more experience and status on the team and the league within the organization, what opportunities that presents for you to take a little bit bigger voice and setting accountability and expectations.”

Other teammates are starting to see Purdy's leadership as well besides coaches as one that raved about the young star is 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa. Even the star who recorded 10.5 sacks said that he has noticed Purdy being a “little more vocal within the building.”

“I think he's definitely getting a little more vocal within the building,” Bosa said via Wagoner of ESPN. “I don't think he's somebody that's going to change even when he gets paid next year.”

Being in the best shape is important to Purdy

Besides improving on his mechanics and leadership, Purdy has also been working on getting in the best shape possible to last throughout a long season of football. There have been some viral pictures and videos of Purdy who has looked to put on a lot of muscle as he described the season as a “marathon.”

“Come the season, that's what matters is being in the best shape possible for what is a marathon,” Purdy said. “To be able to run, make plays, throw the ball, stay in shape. I'm preparing for that right now.”

Despite making it to the Super Bowl last season, this upcoming year is the most important for Purdy as besides trying to recreate the success, he will be playing on the last year of his rookie contract. Meaning depending on if he can keep up his numbers, he should be due for a big contract extension, but at the current moment, he is focused on wha he can do in the present.

“I'm trying to win this year and do everything I can for this organization,” Purdy said. “Everything else happens how it happens… Getting too caught up in all that kind of stuff is, for me, that's nonsense. I'm taking it one day at a time and getting better.”

The 49ers finished with a 12-5 record which put them at the top of the NFC West leading to a Super Bowl game where they lost to the Chiefs. They will start the upcoming season at home against the New York Jets on Monday night, Sept. 9.