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Giants not closing the door on Eli Manning returning

Eli Manning, Giants

The consensus is that Eli Manning, at 38 years old, won’t return to the New York Giants. Either he will retire or go to a new team that offers him a starting gig, as he’s made it clear he isn’t interested in serving as Daniel Jones’ backup.

Giants owner John Mara hasn’t closed any doors on Manning’s return to the organization, however.

“No, I haven’t closed any doors on [Manning returning to the Giants],” Mara said on WFAN’s Moose & Maggie on Friday (h/t Dan Benton of the Giants Wire). “Eli came to see me a few days ago, and we had a nice long talk. But I don’t think he’s fully decided yet what he wants to do. And I told him to just take his time, think about it some more and then come back and see me again.”

Returning to the Giants doesn’t mean riding the pine as Jones’ backup in 2020. Instead, he could find himself back in New York serving in a different role within the organization, whether it be a front office or coaching job.

“I’ve mentioned to him the possibility of thinking about other roles in the organization, and he’s just undecided right now,” Mara said. “The season just ended recently, and he needs to take some more time and think about it. And I told him there’s no time limit on that. We’ll talk whenever he’s ready to sit down and talk again.”

If Manning does decide to call it quits, he will retire as the greatest quarterback in Giants franchise history.