The Golden Globes are happening with host Jo Koy at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. He's had some jokes that have landed, and some — not so much…

In his opening monologue, the comedian starts by talking about Meryl Streep and Oppenheimer, and the crowd's reaction isn't exactly exploding with laughter. It had mixed reactions.

Jo Koy's opening monologue goes in several directions

With Oppenheimer, of course, he joked about the film's length and how scientists “get laid.” He added, “I loved Oppenheimer. I've just got one complaint: It needed another hour.”

Then, he moves on to Barbie. The host talks about being attracted to a plastic doll, referring to Ryan Gosling. “It was weird being attracted to a plastic doll, but there's something about your eyes, Ryan.”

Koy mentions how big of a fan of Robert DeNiro he is. Then, he joked about how he got someone pregnant so late in life (Robert DeNiro, 80,  had a baby girl, Gia, with his wife Tiffany Chen, in April 2023 PEOPLE reports).

He continued to mention Meryl Streep multiple times but called her the GOAT. It was almost a bit too many mentions of her. Came off as a bit obsessive.

So, how did he do?

During the live broadcast, reactions were pretty harsh on a few occasions.

“Where's the gong show when you need it?” says one commenter on X.

“What an awful start to #GoldenGlobes this misogynistic monologue,” someone else added.


However, the views at home feel, it didn't matter. The show continued.

He goes into Saltburn and says, “I learned that Satanic families have feelings, too?”

Then, Koy calls out names of who's all in The Color Purple, followed by a butt joke.

The audience starts to warm up to him a bit. But then, when he talks about Succession, he has a sexual “pull out” billionaire joke that kind of lands flat.

From here, he makes fun of the royals for doing nothing (referring to The Crown). Also, he hints at who the next presenter is, talking about a queen. He says, “Oprah, it's not you.”

To the comedian's credit, he worked on jokes from most top nominees, which was very relevant to the night.

Comedy is subjective, so some in the audience and at home found Jo Koy's opener funny. Others, not so much. It's a tough gig, so we'll see where it goes.

The Golden Globes are live on Paramount+ and CBS.