A remaster of Goldeneye 007 bound to the Xbox 360 almost saw the light of day. However, Nintendo canceled the game last minute, due to some meddlesome unwritten policies.


News about a potential Goldeneye 007 remaster first came out when a massive leak showed potential gameplay footage. The remaster featured updated models that made the blocky characters of the game look closer to their real-life counterparts. Now, the developers formerly assigned to the remake shared more information about this ill-fated project.

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According to a 2019 interview, developers Ross Bury and Mark Edmonds say that while they worked on the project, it initially didn’t have any approval from Nintendo executives. In hindsight, it would have been best if they asked for permission first. Work on the Goldeneye 007 remaster went smoothly. However, when it came to actually releasing the game on the Xbox 360, an unnamed Nintendo executive gave the thumbs down.

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According to Bury, the executive may have had issues with a Nintendo game coming out of a Microsoft console.  This dashed the hopes of the developers. At that point, they only had to iron out a couple of bugs before its grand re-release. They also added that the leaked build in the video was not the latest build of the Goldeneye 007 remaster. This implies that the final version may have looked even better. Finally, the two said that they don’t think Nintendo will ever approve of the release of the Goldeneye 007 remaster.

The irony of this is that while back then, it was unthinkable for a game made by Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo to appear in other consoles. Today, it is no longer a big deal. To illustrate, Sony only recently announced that they will be releasing a game that they’ve developed on an Xbox console for the first time.