Aziz Ansari was hoping to get his directorial debut, Good Fortune starring Keanu Reeves and Seth Rogen, into production soon, but it looks like the film has not had good fortune and it'll be a while thanks to the WGA writers' strike.

In a report from The Hollywood Reporter, it was revealed that Ansari's film has been “delayed indefinitely” due to the strike. Ansari wrote the film and was set to produce, direct, and star in it opposite Reeves and Rogen for Lionsgate. This news comes days after the production was paused but not delayed indefinitely.

THR added that sources hope that production will resume later this year, though it remains to be seen how long the strike lasts.

While Good Fortune will technically serve as Ansari's directorial debut — should it ever come out — it's not his first attempt. He was in production on a film titled Being Mortal for Searchlight before the production was abruptly shut down thanks to some allegations against Bill Murray.

Aziz Ansari rose to fame thanks to his role in Parks & Recreation and is a successful stand-up comic in his own right. Keanu Reeves is coming off of John Wick: Chapter 4 — whose box office run has pushed the entire John Wick franchise over $1 billion worldwide — and is set to appear in the spin-off film, Ballerina. Seth Rogen has a new show that will reunite him with Rose Byrne, Platonic, premiering on Apple TV+ next week. While the plot is unknown for this film, hopefully, it does end up being made as this starring trio would've made for a great time.