Memphis Grizzlies star guard Ja Morant landed himself in hot water over the weekend, once again brandishing a firearm on social media while promoting a menacing image.

Though it's nothing criminal, his behavior is unbecoming of the face of a franchise. While he may be young, it's worth wondering if Morant needs to mature or if he's unable to do so. It's not like he's spiraling out of control; he's just careless and seems to have too many negative influences.

With that in mind, the Grizzlies trading Ja — sending him out of Memphis and to a different organization — would be the type of move that saves both him and them.

In his case, a change of environment and the shock of being traded could be the jolt he needs to wake up from his stupor. In their case, if Morant continues down this path, a second suspension in as many seasons not only derails their playoff chances but it could be the sign of more to come. While young people often need time to grow, leopards don't change their spots overnight.

The only question then is where should the Grizzlies trade Ja Morant?

3 must-do Ja Morant trades Grizzlies 100% have to make

Toronto Raptors

It must be said. Although there might be concern about Ja Morant's off-the-court behavior for the rest of his career, being in a country with more restrictive gun laws might force Morant into wiser decision-making even if he doesn't want it. Not in the least because he would have to pass a firearm safety test to own a gun in Canada.

That said, there are two reasons that the Raptors should trade for Morant.

The first being the possibility that Fred VanVleet may decline his player option for the 2023-24 season and test free agency this summer. If so, Toronto would have a major hole to fill at point guard.

Morant is more than capable of doing that.

A star that would likely inspire images of Vince Carter with his high-flying highlight reel style of play, the disinterest that Raptors president Masai Ujiri had when he watched his team last season will be replaced with his awe.

To that point, if the roster is going to be built around young forward Scottie Barnes moving forward, bringing Morant in enhances their ability to have an up-and-down style of play that fits his skillset.

The best deal the Memphis Grizzlies could make with the Raptors is to trade Morant and Ziaire Williams for VanVleet and OG Anunoby.

The Grizzlies, starting Desmond Bane, Jaren Jackson Jr. and Steven Adams beside FVV and Anunoby, would have one of the strongest defensive units in the NBA. Although they don't have a top dog offensively when they trade Morant, they've proven that they can be just as effective when they play as a collective.

Miami Heat

Leadership is incredibly important in multiple facets of life but particularly in the world of professional sports.

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Ja Morant has done himself no favors over this past year, making a number of decisions that put him at risk in myriad ways. However, it's hard to say that there's been anyone with enough command to make him take serious steps towards maturing. So, until there is, it's difficult to discern whether Morant is simply a little lost or really just a lost cause.

If there's one thing that the Miami Heat have in abundance, its leadership.

Pat Riley, Erik Spoelstra, Jimmy Butler.

If Ja continues to make airheaded decisions with those three individuals constantly in his ear and presence, it would nearly be unfathomable.

That said, on the court, Morant provides the Heat with their most explosive backcourt player since Dwyane Wade. More importantly, it gives Butler a tag team partner.

The best trade between these Heat and Memphis Grizzlies would involve a third team: the Charlotte Hornets.

As the Grizzlies ship Morant to the Miami Heat, they receive multiple first-round picks and defensive stud Caleb Martin from the Heat. The Hornets send Terry Rozier to the Grizzlies while receiving Tyler Herro.

Rozier isn't going to have the highlight real plays that Morant does because he isn't the high-octane scorer that he is. Nonetheless, he hangs plenty of points on the board (20.2 per game over the past three seasons) and is committed to the defensive end. A career 36 percent shooter from 3, Martin is just the right player to replace Dillon Brooks as their top perimeter defender.

San Antonio Spurs

Similar to the Miami Heat, the San Antonio Spurs are led by a man that commands respect in head coach Gregg Popovich. Although there have been players that haven't taken to him before, most observers regard him as an astute and thoughtful individual with unquestionable moral fiber.

Although living in a state like Texas might entice Ja Morant to continue recklessly brandishing firearms, for him to do so would be a slap in the face to Popovich. Morant may or may not care about that but if he doesn't, it's going to be an incredibly revealing experience.

That said, the primary reason that the Memphis Grizzlies should explore this trade is the sheer abundance of young players and draft picks that the Spurs possess. They may not get everything they like but they'll get plenty that they do if they choose to go this route.

The best trade between the two franchises could be the Grizzlies sending Morant to the Spurs in exchange for Devin Vassell, Devonte' Graham and three first-round picks. Should San Antonio fail to get the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft, the Spurs should be able to trade their 2023 lottery pick to Memphis in the deal as one of the three first-rounders.

While acquiring Ja gives San Antonio a star player that they may be able to pair with Victor Wembanyama, the primary reason that they need him is that he's the go-to scorer that the Spurs are currently lacking. Furthermore, he helps remove some of the cluster from their depth chart.

The Grizzlies get two solid scorers in Vassell and Graham. In fact, Vassell averaged a career-high 18.5 points per game last season, growing past his 3-and-D role.

If they need scoring help? Having three first-round picks provide more than enough cover.