Jaren Jackson Jr made some headlines on Monday morning by stating that the early playoff exit was good for the Memphis Grizzlies. Fortunately for him, his teammate Desmond Bane took to Twitter to back him up.

Jaren Jackson Jr was on Podcast P with Paul George presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment and admitted that the season came to a tough close after such high expectations. He says that the Grizzlies lost a hunger that they had a few seasons ago and that they were ‘humbled' by the Los Angeles Lakers. In the end, he believes it will only be a good thing.

Desmond Bane took to Twitter to back up his teammate and is sure to put a smile on Grizzlies fans faces. After more upsetting news about a pending Ja Morant suspension, it is a sigh of relief for Memphis faithful to see their young studs still sticking together.

Jackson Jr is coming off of a great year where he won NBA Defensive Player of the Year and helped the Grizzlies to a second seed in the Western Conference. Such a good year is why the first round exit was so disappointing for the Grizzlies, but they will expect to be back for years to come.

Bane also had a really good season and played very well in the first round despite the loss. After an inevitable suspension for Morant, Bane will round out a very solid young trio of him, Morant and Jackson Jr for the foreseeable future in Memphis. If Jaren Jackson Jr and Desmond Bane are right, they will see themselves moving much farther into the postseason in the future.