Dillon Brooks isn't exactly the most well-liked player in the NBA right now. In fact, one could even go as far as saying that there's currently no outpouring of overwhelming loved for him from Memphis Grizzlies fans at the moment. It's not that most Grizzlies supporters want him off the team, but at the same time, most folks probably wouldn't be too sad to see him go.

To be fair to Brooks, you can't blame the man for taking his shot. He aimed for the biggest target of them all, though, by going at LeBron James during the Grizzlies' second-round NBA Playoffs series against the Los Angeles Lakers. Unfortunately for Brooks, he missed, and he has since been the subject of criticism and ridicule among fans and experts alike.

Former Grizzlies head coach JB Bickerstaff, who now plies his trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers, recently spoke out about his experience coaching Dillon Brooks. Coach Bickerstaff came to Books' defense as he talked up the character of this man:

“I had a great time with Dillon,” Bickerstaff said. “One of the things that made Dillon who he was, was the chip that he had on his shoulder. That was why he was able to overachieve and be the player that he became and making it to the NBA.

“I will hold comment on some of the other stuff that's been said about him. All I can comment on is the time that I spent with him. I watched him grind every single day to become a better player. I watched him go and challenge guys defensively.”

Bickerstaff said that it was this same no-nonsense attitude that allowed Brooks to excel in his craft. However, it also seems that this is also what led to his recent downfall. What you can take away from Bickerstaff's comments here is that Brooks has been through adversity in the past, and he has been able to overcome them significantly. Let's not count him out just yet.