The Memphis Grizzlies fell to 0-6 on Friday night after falling 115-113 in overtime to the Portland Trail Blazers in their NBA in-season tournament matchup. But the Last-2-Minute report shows that the Grizzlies were on the receiving end of an incorrect call at the end of the game.

The report shows that the Grizzlies should have been awarded the ball with 12.7 seconds left after the ball went out of bounds. It was ruled that the ball went off of the Grizzlies and was awarded to the Blazers. the L2M report clarifies that the ball touched Blazers guard Malcom Brogdon on the hand, and Memphis should have been awarded possession.

TGrizzlies coach Taylor Jenkins was unable to challenge to ruling, because he had successfully used both of his challenges earlier in the game. Under new NBA rules this season, if a coach makes a successful challenge, they do not lose that challenge. After the first successful challenge, Jenkins then challenged another play successfully, but at that point had no more challenges available.

It was a tough loss for the Grizzlies, the last winless team in the NBA. They are without superstar guard Ja Morant for the first 20 games of the season, and center Steven Adams will miss the entire year after suffering a knee injury.

The Grizzlies have a chance to exact a little revenge against the Blazers, however. The two teams face each other for the second time in three nights from Moda Center on Sunday night.

Coach Jenkins will probably want to make sure he has his challenges available.