Ja Morant became the center of attention over the last few weeks for a string of controversial incidents. The Memphis Grizzlies star was already catching heat from a recent lawsuit alleging that he threatened a minor. Then, Morant flashed a gun during a livestream on Instagram, while clearly being in a nightclub. Since then, Morant has been suspended by the team, and was investigated for his actions.

Now, the New York Post published a leak of images from one Ja Morant's visits at the aforementioned nightclub in Denver. The explicit photos show the Grizzlies star getting a lap dance from a woman inside a private room. The room was also filled with dollar bills, from the floor to the sofas to the table. It's frankly a surreal sight to see.


Contrary to the the caption of the Tweet, these photos were allegedly from Morant's visit at the same nightclub two days before the gun incident. The owner of the club confirmed that Morant was a repeat visior, and even complimented the Grizzlies star's demeanor.

“This kid, real young, was exceptionally respectful, and sweet and he did not drink [on his second visit],” Dunafon, 72, said. “We’ve had [Denver] Nuggets and Broncos … come in and pitch quarters at the girls, be disrespectful and nasty. He’s marvelous.”

Morant's nightlife habits is not the problem here, to be clear. Plenty of NBA stars (and other sports stars) frequent places like this, after all. What's more concerning is the Grizzlies star's haphazard brandishing of a gun inside the nightclub. The New York Post report said that the women at the nightclub were “terrified” that Morant brought a gun, with one woman saying that:

““He pulled the white boy excuse card: ‘I’m just going through a lot right now, so I’m going to act [like] a fool and put other people’s lives at risk,’” she said.”

Ja Morant was one of the most likable players in the NBA, and was touted as the future of the Grizzlies. Acting in this manner is irresponsible, as he not only endangers his team, but also his safety and career. Here's to hoping this becomes a learning lesson for the Grizzlies star.