Harry Styles was seen looking pretty cozy with Taylor Russell in London on Wednesday at press night for her new play The Effect, further fueling rumors that the two are dating. Styles seemed to be avoiding the spotlight to keep attention on Russell and her play, according to TMZ.

However, cameras still spotted him hanging close to the Canadian actress and model throughout much of the night. And in the clearest indication yet that they might be dating, Styles even introduced Russell to his BFF James Corden, who seems to have retired from The Late Late Show in order to bro out with Harry Styles 24/7 all across the globe. While it's always hard to tell who Harry Styles is dating, his affection for James Corden is never in question — the two celebrated the end of Styles' world tour with a boat ride through Italy just last week, and now they're going to plays in London together.

Anyway, TMZ further reports that Styles left the play solo, although apparently when he jumped into the back of a car he was carrying Russell's stuff. This is either a bold reverse take on the classic George Costanza leave behind, or further proof that Styles and Russell are dating. And wait, there's more — TMZ's sources further report that Harry Styles' ride pulled back up to the stage door not long after, and Taylor Russell then jumped in the back seat before the car pulled away. No word on where they went from there, but I'm willing to bet a large sum of money it's somewhere with a television to watch reruns of The Late Late Show.