Episodes 3 and 4 of “The Last Dance” garnered a lot of reactions from pretty much the entire basketball world. One of the best, however, came from Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young, who praised Michael Jordan's elite smack-talking prowess.

It is a well-known fact that Jordan's trash talking was second to none, but it's great that we are reminded of the same by one of the younger players in the game today. The Hawks sophomore even went as far as saying that Jordan's skills exceed (or at least equal) any other smack-talker in any other sport.

With how the league has evolved these days, it's safe to assume that smack-talking has died down to a more “acceptable” rate. This does not compare to how players talked to each other on the court decades ago, and the great Michael Jordan was the very best at it.

What made him so great in talking smack was the fact that he had the game to back it up. There are other players who were probably more adept at playing mind games as opposed to the Chicago Bulls legend, but in terms of walking the walk, nobody could do it better than Jordan.

Trae Young previously came out with his Top 5 best players of all time, and he actually picked Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James as his No. 1 — with MJ settling for the second spot. Based on his reactions to “The Last Dance,” however, it wouldn't be surprising if the Hawks sharpshooter switches it up sooner rather than later.